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Community Directory


Welcome to our community!


I’d like to personally thank you for visiting. We are at the beginning of our journey, thanks for coming along.

We define Spectrumsensitive.com as a resource help identify businesses, individuals, and groups who understand the sensory and emotional sensitivities involving autism as well as any other developmental, or social disability that individuals may have.  Supporters and vendors on this site will have the understanding, compassion, and the knowledge to help work along side any individual or family in which extra time or care is needed. We also serve as a place for to gain resources and information about developmental disabilities.


We are currently working on the development of the certification and training program for businesses, local groups, and individuals who wish to join our cause.  We take this very seriously, and will not just add everyone and anyone to the list just because they ask.  We will be in search of outstanding local businesses in all fields to help assist individuals who need it.


Our founding members are hard at work building a comprehensive empathy and knowledge base training program for all the business, groups and individuals you will find here!


If you would like more information, please sign up for our newsletter that will keep you informed on our progress as we move forward.