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Welcome to Business portal. I’d like to personally thank you for visiting. We are at the beginning of our journey, thanks for coming along.


If you are here, that means you are interested in joining our mission. Thank you. Here is a brief overview of why we are here.


Sensory sensitivity (Sensory Processing Disorder) is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving, responding, and or processing information that comes in through the senses. Some people with sensory processing disorder are oversensitive to things in their environment. This sensitivity can include (but is not limited to) light, sound, textures, and taste. This affects almost every aspect of daily life. Thus, making normal day-to-day tasks a bit more stressful for everyone, not just the individual who may have a particular sensitivity.

Because of the different types and degrees of sensory sensitivity, this can lead to the individual shying away from things that need to be done not only for their physical health, such as going to the dentist because the drill is to loud, but possibly fixing things in their personal living environment such as getting a roof fixed because there are to many people, or to much banging from a hammer. It can even be as simple as ordering food in a restaurant because they might not be able to communicate clear enough.


Autism, as well as many other developmental disorders, such as Cerebral Palsy, and Alzheimer's is often associated to these types of sensory and or social challenges.  Many times, businesses are not as understanding to these situations and sometimes service is refused or limited. This is due to lack of knowledge and understanding. Such actions not only hurt the self-esteem of the individual, but that of the family and friends around them.


We define as a resource to help identify businesses, individuals, and groups who understand the sensory and emotional sensitivities involving autism as well as any other developmental, or social disability that individuals may have.  Supporters and vendors on this site will have the understanding, compassion, and the knowledge to help work along side any individual or family in which extra time or care is needed. We also serve as a place to gain resources and information about developmental disabilities.


We are currently working on the development of the certification and training program for businesses, local groups, and individuals who wish to join our cause.  We take this very seriously, and will not just add everyone and anyone to the list just because they ask.  We will be in search of outstanding local businesses in all fields to help assist individuals who need it.  Once the program is in place, you and your staff will be given training and materials so that you know what to expect, what challenges you may incur, and how to positively, and productively work through them with your customer.


You may see some local businesses already displaying our logo. Support them, as they will in turn support you. These businesses are owned and operated by our founding members who have already received training and certifications and have real life working experience. Our founding members are hard at work building a comprehensive empathy and knowledge base training program for you.


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